The Disaster Management Act (N0.57 of 2002) prescribes the development and implementation of certain structures, systems and procedures at all three levels of Governance (National, Provincial and Municipal) which can be developed in three specific phases:-

1. Institutional Arrangements;disaster-1
2. Assessment; and
3. Operational Arrangements

The Rural Metro Disaster Management team has the necessary background, knowledge, experience and ability to assist Municipalities (District and Local) to attain compliance with the provisions of the Act by:-

Assisting with the development and establishment of Institutional Arrangements such as:-

o Disaster Management Policy Frameworks; and
o Advisory Forums.

Conducting a Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis unique to the relevant Municipality: and

o Developing a Risk Profile of the Municipality concerned.

Developing Operational Plans for the affected Client which include:-

o Response Protocols;
o Contact Register; and
o Resource Database.

Rural Metro has also developed a DISASTER MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD which provides the Municipal Disaster Manager with a unique Incident Management tool that is specific to that particular Municipality and is a step by step guide to any disaster that may occur within the Client’s area of responsibility of the Municipality.

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