Rural Metro is a twenty (20) year old company that is involved in fire, rescue, HAZMAT and
disaster management services. Throughout the years, the company has mitigated hazmat
incidents throughout the SADC region and further afield into Africa. Working with COVID-19
is no different than working with a high-risk hazmat scenario. It requires the same assessment,
planning, application, testing and post scene management. It is by no means a coincidence
that a variety of the specialised personal protective equipment that we use during high risk
hazmat incidents is used regularly for mitigating COVID-19. The staff and management of
Rural Metro are trained in extreme hazardous material handling and mitigation and they form
the nucleus of our on-the-ground response / decontamination teams. COVID-19 is not just
another virus that we have to contend with…it is a virus that is proving deadly for so many of
our people and it therefore needs to be dealt with in a professional manner by a professional
workforce that have been trained to operate in a high risk environment to understand how
important mitigation is in such a scenario.

Rural Metro offers Professional Decontamination Services as well as the following equipment:

  • Spraysafe Disinfection Tunnel
  • Decontamination Chemicals – Advanced Vita – Bio Degradable, Safe for human use
  • Decontamination Trailers
  • Decontamination Back Pack
  • Personal Prtective Equipment