World Disability Day is a day to raise public awareness, understanding and acceptance of disabled persons and celebrate their contributions and achievements. It also aims to mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of people with disabilities. Rural Metro acknowledges that it is only through our differences that we are able to unite in strength and support. We value you and we are inspired by you! You have shown us that nothing is impossible and therefore you deserve to be celebrated!

“My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.” – Stephen Hawking

World AIDS Day takes place on 1 December each year. It’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV and to commemorate those who have lost their battle with HIV & AIDS. It was first observed in 1988 – 32 years later we still ensure the day is respected, the fight continues and the hope of a better future remains for all.

At Rural Metro we stand together on this day and we pledge our allegiance to help raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic that has claimed the lives of those we love and those we look up to. We hope that this annual day of worldwide recognition can stop the spread of AIDS and end the virus by the year 2030. Today we support those living in fear, living with discrimination and no longer here to live at all. You are loved, you are worthy of equality and you are the reason we Rock Our Ribbons every year on this very special day. To our community: stay protected, get tested and know your status!

-With love and support from the team at Rural Metro.


The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign is a United Nations campaign which takes place annually from 25 November (International Day of No Violence against Women) to 10 December (International Human Rights Day). You can help by becoming an activist in your homes, communities, work and positions. Challenge cultures and practices that perpetuate gender inequalities and consequent abuse of women and children at a personal and societal level. You can play your part by:

  • Rejecting and Reporting abusers!
  • Do not protect abusers, report them!
  • Challenge and denounce cultural practices that perpetuate gender inequalities.
  • Be sensitive and supportive to GBV victims – share helpful information and support causes near you.
  • Seek personal help to change harmful behaviours such as alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Teach children values of gender equality.
  • Protect children from exposure to violence and harmful situations.
  • Develop policies that prevent and deal with gender based violence in your sector, workplace and communities.

Together, let us take actions to support the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children campaign.

Rural Metro is a twenty (20) year old company that is involved in fire, rescue, HAZMAT and
disaster management services. Throughout the years, the company has mitigated hazmat
incidents throughout the SADC region and further afield into Africa. Working with COVID-19
is no different than working with a high-risk hazmat scenario. It requires the same assessment,
planning, application, testing and post scene management. It is by no means a coincidence
that a variety of the specialised personal protective equipment that we use during high risk
hazmat incidents is used regularly for mitigating COVID-19. The staff and management of
Rural Metro are trained in extreme hazardous material handling and mitigation and they form
the nucleus of our on-the-ground response / decontamination teams. COVID-19 is not just
another virus that we have to contend with…it is a virus that is proving deadly for so many of
our people and it therefore needs to be dealt with in a professional manner by a professional
workforce that have been trained to operate in a high risk environment to understand how
important mitigation is in such a scenario.

Rural Metro offers Professional Decontamination Services as well as the following equipment:

  • Spraysafe Disinfection Tunnel
  • Decontamination Chemicals – Advanced Vita – Bio Degradable, Safe for human use
  • Decontamination Trailers
  • Decontamination Back Pack
  • Personal Prtective Equipment

Amidst the protest action by students at UKZN campuses, damage to property by means of arson have been a prominent  occurrence of late. Rural Metro Emergency Management Services was approached by security services at UKZN campuses in Pietermaritzburg and Westville in acquiring our services to mobilize the situation  and extinguish possible fires. Our fire fighter crew dispatched at the Pietermaritzburg campus in response to an incident at the Denison building where a fire raged for about half an hour, the brave crew fought the flames effectively and quickly contained the fire and ensured no further damage to the property.

                        Luvuyo Nhlangothi

From left- Ayanda Shozi, Luvuyo Nhlangothi, Kireshen Govender

Front- Ayanda Shozi, Back- Luvuyo Nhlangothi

Back- Ayanda Shozi, Front-Luvuyo Nhlangothi,



The Rural Metro Emergency Management Team recently seen demonstrating to the public how to extinguish a house on fire in Molepolole.

Shift Leader Mr Keatametse Kedibonye (Not in the picture) said it was important for the public to be taught how to extinguish fires in order for them to be able to remain calm and cautious when caught up in such a situation.

He urged residents to avoid getting close up to dangerous or explosive objects such as gas cylinders while in the fire extinguishing process.

Photo by Nthabiseng Modise

Story sent in by Chief Fire OfficerJacques Naude.

Two men have burnt to death in the back of a car that had caught alight after a collision on the N2 just past the Mandini Toll Plaza.  “The driver of the light motor vehicle came to the paramedics and informed them that there were two of his colleagues in the backseat severely entrapped”.

The vehicle was well alight,” he says. A call was received from Durban Metro Fire, reporting an accident on N2 near Mandeni Toll Plaza. Apparently a bystander found on the scene said a private car was parked on the N2 fast lane and one motorist driver of the Toyota Hilux came and hit the car from behind causing it to roll and catch fire,  killing two passengers ( two blue codes ) and two injured ( two green codes )
Fire fighters used hose a hose reel to extinguish the fire, extricated two blue codes, used absorbent, brooms to clean the road and then disconnected the battery from the Toyota Hilux.

“So many people are unaware that my Dad was a Firefighter.  He is the inspiration to why I am a Firefighter.  My Dad has recently being diagnosed with a dread disease, Moto Neuron Disease (ALS) the identical illness that Joost van Der Westhuizen had.  We were so privileged to obtain the support from my old Fire Department, Rural Metro Emergency Management Services to honour my Father by assisting us with a Fire Truck, PPE and equipment for a photo shoot.  Special thank you to Claudelle Davis and the Management from Rural Metro as well as Sheldon Gouws for making this all possible.  Also to friends and family for all the support, we appreciate it”

Pierre Brophy ACSA Cape Town International

Story sent in by Claudelle Davis (Training Division)