Rural Metro Emergency Management Services (PTY) Ltd was founded on the premise that many communities in South Africa could benefit from innovative ways of delivering emergency services. As a private company, we are not bound to tradition, finding better, more efficient ways of managing personnel and resources.

Pursuing prevention as a key strategy, and providing better training for our employees has been key to our success.

Growth has been a goal, but a secondary goal to being the best at what we do, to be the best, we strive for constant awareness of the evolving emergency needs of our customers. The value placed on the quality of our services is often determined by our ability to adapt to changing conditions in the community.

That ability is one of our strengths, and has allowed us to develop satisfying community relationships based on mutual trust.

We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far, and we are especially proud of our people, whose energy, dedication and genuine caring is the very backbone of Rural Metro. They are our future — a future that looks very bright.